Clyth MacLeod Business Sales is the longest established business brokerage. We are located in Auckland and services businesses all over New Zealand. 

Why use a business broker?  We believe engaging with a business broker will assure you of a more specialist approach in your quest to buy or sell a business.


Glorianne Campbell photo

Glorianne Campbell

Licensed Agent REAA 2008
09 630 9491 0274 745 032

Managing Director of Clyth MacLeod (joined Clyth MacLeod in 1995) and Company Sales and Acquisitions.

Passionate about business sales. Committed to integrity at all time...

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Tim McLaren photo

Tim McLaren

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 021336138

A qualified Licensed Agent REAA 2008.  Tim assists Glorianne in overseeing all team members.

Tim is an actively involved business broker for Clyth MacLeod Business...

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Patrick Donoghue photo

Patrick Donoghue

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 0274 935 145

Patrick has an extensive background in the building and construction industry and for 41 years has worked in New Zealand, Australia and Germany. During this time he was involved...

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Peter Gibson photo

Peter Gibson

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 0274 266 166

Peter has had 20 years business experience around the world; from England to Australia, South Africa and New Zealand as well. With a degree in business and finance, Peter has ow...

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Jeremy Medlin photo

Jeremy Medlin

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 02108852957

Jeremy is friendly, easy to talk to and his stock market experience gives him a strong understanding of businesses and how they work 'under the hood' - Jeremy loves getting to k...

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Kevin Lee photo

Kevin Lee

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 021575898

Kevin has been a valued business broker with the Clyth MacLeod Team since March 2011.  During this time Kevin has also received the supreme accolade of receiving the follow...

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Ray Wu photo

Ray Wu

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 021556122

Ray has had 10 years’ experience as a successful manager and business owner in the hospitality sector. Ray understands the complexities of operating and buying and selling...

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Lydia Han photo

Lydia Han

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 0211608084

Lydia is a recognised and highly valued senior business broker at Clyth MacLeod Business Sales.  She has now worked for our company for over 10 years. She is reco...

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Lucy Liu photo

Lucy Liu

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 021 063 9596

Lucy specialises in the sale of cafes, restaurants, lunch bars, takeaways and bakeries. 

Lucy’s successful sales background will help you achieve your dreams.&...

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Amanda Reale photo

Amanda Reale

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 027 263 2661

Amanda recently accepted a position with Clyth MacLeod Business Sales following a return to New Zealand from Canada where she has enjoyed a long history of business ownership an...

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Amy Gardiner photo

Amy Gardiner

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 0275385944

Having over 25 years-experience in business allows Amy to share with you her wealth of knowledge of what makes a successful business. With a background in Sales Management withi...

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Brie Hill photo

Brie Hill

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
09 630 9491 021305092

Brie is our Marketing Manager. She is responsible for overseeing all Marketing and Advertising at Clyth MacLeod Business and Company Sales and Acquisitions.  Her marketing...

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Shani Ranathunga photo

Shani Ranathunga

09 630 9491

Shani – the quiet achiever

Shani is extremely capable and competent.  She grows in strengths and capabilities daily.  Shani is our Administration Executiv...

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Ross Gillespie photo

Ross Gillespie

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008
021 278 8644

Introducing your Business Sales Specialist - Ross Gillespie

Selling or purchasing a business can be a life changing experience and a lot to absorb.  Having the right...

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Company sales and acquisition

Alan Billington photo

Alan Billington

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

Alan’s career began in the engineering world  which saw him undertaking assignments for UK and US engineering companies around the world.  His wide business expe...

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Craig McDonald photo

Craig McDonald

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

Craig has over 30 years of business ownership experience, with a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, import and distribution, design and manufacture, hiring and firing....

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Howard George photo

Howard George

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

Howard has over 35 years’ experience in financial, IT, sales and general management roles in a range of medium sized businesses.  As a result Howard understands what...

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